The Techniques like power point presentations, audiovisual aids, charts, transparencies for regular lectures. The open discussion, seminars, Journal club presentations & case presentations are conducted frequently amongst students.Repertory is the symptoms of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, which is arranged in a systematic way with the corresponding medicines with or without gradation which helps in the easy and quick selection of similimum.Both Postgraduate and Undergraduate Departments have various Repertories like General Repertories, Clinical Repertories, Concordance Repertories, Card Repertories etc. in addition to large number of reference books Study of different Repertories through variety of charts for easy and better understanding.

The Department of Repertory is a place where faculty and students intensely discuss what they love?novels, poems, paintings, films, comics along with theoretical, philosophical and logical questions related to the study of Homoeopathy and Repertory.Importance to study all the symptoms is from centre to periphery. Man consists of Body, Mind and Spirit. Every one have Common & Uncommon character in health & disease. Classical symptoms General, Particular,Common.

As part of a course of intensive study, these conversations spark intellectual excitement; while building toward at the end, a passion to Homoeopathy.The department has got many repertories for demonstration to the students, card repertory for demonstration, various charts, as well as computers and software which are taught in the practical classes.Through the wide variety of interactive approaches in classes, they cultivate the analytical capacities that will continue to serve them in their personal and professional lives long after graduation.

Repertory also Includes:

  • Use of modern teaching techniques like power point presentations for regular lectures, audiovisual aids, charts.
  • In addition to large number of reference books, the study of rubrics is made interesting and easy through album making.
  • Boenninghausen's Repertory.
  • Biegler's Diary.
  • Minton's Diseases of women.
  • Lippe's Repertory.
  • Jahr's Repertory.