Organon of Medicine is the compilation of doctrine principles of homeopathic medicine as invented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann is popular as "Organon by Hahnemann" or "Hahnemann's Organon" or "Organon Medicine" or "Homeopathy Organon" or "Organon of homeopathic medicine". This is "the homeopathy Bible". Tissue change is only the result of diseases.The tissues could not become sick unless something prior to them has been deranged to make them sick. The combination of will and the understanding, constitute man ; conjoined they make life and activity. It is the sole duty of the physician to heal the sick.

The cure must be quick or speedy, it must be gentle and it must be continous and permanent. The manner of cure can only be mild if it flows in the stream of natural direction, establishing order and thereby removing disease. The direction of old-fashioned medicine is like pulling a cat up a hill, by its tail. The curative indication in each particular case of disease is the totality of symptoms, i.e: the disease is represented by the totality of the symptoms, and this totality represents the disorder in the internal economy.

The theory of chronic diseases was included in the organon for the first time. In the aphorism, Hahnmeann stated that the fundamental cause of all chronic diseases are 'Chronic Miasms' and in aphorism 72 he stated that chronic diseases are caused by 'dynamic infection of chronic miasm'.

This introduced two new approaches - Doctrine of Vital Force, and Doctrine of Drug Dynamization.There are conditions in man's life which keep up or encourage man's disorder. The disorder is from the interior, but many of the disturbances that aggravate the disorders are external. The cause of disorder is internal and is of such a quality that it affects the government from the interior, while the coarser things are such as can disturb more especially the body, such as improperly selected food, living in damp houses, etc.